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My dad has always been a massive motorcycle fanatic and has had road bikes most of his life, I remember when I was small watching my dad on his bikes, he never raced but always went to all the BSB, WSBK and MOTO GP’S. We sometime went along as a family, and my dad is the reason I am doing what I do now.

When I was 7 my dad Brought my brother a minimoto and we used to go to our local go-karting track where I watch Dan. One day I asked my dad if I could have a go, and after me asking a few times he gave in, this first go didn't go to plan I flipped the bike and it really put me off. It took 2 years of encouragement to get me back on a bike but when I did there was no stopping me. I started practising at my local go-karting circuit in 2005 (aged 9), and the following year my dad spoke to me and my brother about entering the British Minimoto Championship.

At the beginning of 2006(the year I started my racing), I became very ill and had to spend 2 weeks in hospital, after loads of tests the doctors found out I had an illness called (Stevens-Johnson syndrome).

My racing nearly didn't get started but thankfully I made a full recovery after about 6 weeks. I don't really remember much about it, but I know it was a very worrying time for my family.

A couple of months after this I competed in my first ever race entering the British Minimoto Championship, And the Fab Racing Mini GP 50 Championship.


The British Minimoto Championship (MMRA) In the Junior Lights (4.2 Minimoto Lights) Straight Away I Went In With A Bang But Race Day Was Cancelled Due To Bad Fog, This Meeting Got Transferred To Round 3 Where I Was Going Really Well Until Braking my Wrist Which Set me Back Quite A Few Points.

Below Are my Minimoto Results:

Round 1 - Joint 3rd Round 2 - 3rd

Round 3 - 14th (Only Finished 1 Race)

Round 4 - 4th (only 1 Point Of 2nd)

Round 5 - 2nd

Round 6 - 2nd (Captured His First Race Win)

Round 7 - 2nd

Round 8 - Cancelled

I Finished 2nd Overall in The Junior Lights Minimoto championship.

I Also Competed In Many Rounds Of The Metrakit 50cc (First Go On Geared Bikes) Below Are The Results:


Round 1 - Cancelled

Round 2 - 5th

Round 3 - Broken Wrist

Round 4 - 3rd

Round 5 - 6th

Round 6 - Joint 8th

Round 7 - 10th (Bike Broke Down)

Round 8 - Cancelled

I finished 6th overall in the Metrakit 50 Championship.





2007 I Was Set to Compete the Junior Production and Metrakit 70cc Championship With The MMRA (British Minimoto championship). First Below Will Be My Junior Production Results Where I Claimed 3rd Overall:


Round 1 - 6th

Round 2 - 4th

Round 3 - 4th

Round 4 - Joint 2nd

Round 5 - 2nd

Round 6 - 4th

Round 7 - 4th

Round 8 - 2nd


In 2007 I Also Claimed 4th overall In the Metrakit 70 Class Just A few Points off 3rd due to bike problems all season.


In 2008 I moved up to the race circuits I currently race on now, with the Bemsee Racing Club. I competed in the MRO Superteens, these are predominately Aprilia RS 125 machines but this year for the first time they also ran the Metrakit 80cc machines as well. I had a good year learning the new circuits, I finished 3rd overall competing in the Metrakit group.

 2010 is when I started racing my beloved GP 125 with a club called Thundersport GB in the GP3 Championship, (on my own motorcycle) and what a year I had. The first round was a bit shaky but once I got the first-round jitters out of the way I really started to get to grips with the bike, tracks, racing, and everything really. By the end of round 2 I had already got 2 podiums, and by round 3 I picked up my first race win. After this round a team called FPW Racing he noticed my progress and came over to speak with me and my dad, this resulted in me joining his team for the rest of the year. I competed in the Cup and main Championship this year as my bike was totally standard (untuned). Out of 29 races in the main Championship I had 1 race win, four 2nd's and six 3rd positions. I never finished any of my races below the top 6, and ended the season 2nd overall. In the cup championship, I had 12 race wins, three 2nd's and three

 3rd positions and became Thundersport GP3 Cup Champion 2010.

In 2011 I moved on to BSB where I still race today. I signed a deal to race for Banks Racing to compete in the Sunoco British 125 GP Championship, also because I was under 16 I also gained points in the ACU Academy Cup. Round 1 took place at Brands Hatch it was an amazing weekend for me I qualified on the front row. I didn't get a very good start dropping down to 9th but I had some amazing battles and managed to win the race, to date I am the only rider to win their debut race in any class at BSB. I continued a good first years racing gaining a further 9 podiums. I ended my year 3rd overall in the Cup Championship and 4th in the main Championship.

In 2012 I competed in the same Championship but it is now known as the Monster Energy Motostars, (This
year I raced back with FPW Racing) due to the Moto 3 250cc machines now competing with the 125GP machines. I had an amazing year, I had 3 pole positions, 8 front row starts, 4 race wins,
14 podiums ending this year as Monster Energy Motostar Champion, and ACU Academy Cup Champion. With one round,
still to go with a 60-point advantage.


In 2013 I signed for Gearlink Kawasaki race team to compete in the Pirelli National Superstock 600 championship, I wasn't sure how I would get on, because I was not only jumping up to a much bigger and heavier motorcycle but also swapping from a 2 stroke to a 4-stroke machine, and they are completely different.

I went out to Spain to test it for the first time in march, and it felt awesome. 

The first couple of rounds was ok for me, I started off a bit steady, but by the time I had got to the 3rd round and my favourite circuit Oulton park, something clicked and I got my first podium, that was the first of a string of 6 podium appearances made up of four 2nd's in a row and then two 1st's.

Round 8 at Cadwell didn't go so well for me as I got pushed wide in the opening lap and unfortunately, I hit the curb and fell off. But I came back fighting at Donington Park with another 2nd place podium and another win at Silverstone.

Coming into the last round I had an 8-point advantage over Jordan Simpkin, all I had to do was finish 1 position behind him.  I ended up finishing in 8th place and Jordan finished out of the points, so I ended the year winning the championship by 16 points, winning back to back championships.


2014 I signed again for Gearlink Kawasaki Moving up to the Motorpoint British Supersport Championship now competing against some of the elite racing athletes in the UK. Round 1 looked like I was going to have another good year finishing 5th my first Supersport race, race two outcome wasn't so good although I had a brilliant race and was lock in a battle for 5th place I crashed out of the race on the last lap.

Round 2 was even worse for me I worked really hard all weekend and was hopefully for some more good result. Unfortunately, I was plagued with mechanical problems which resulted in my retiring from both races. My bad luck continued the team booked me in on a test day to make sure they had sort the problems from Oulton, things was going OK,but I had a very quick crash and this time I Broke my arm which put me out of action for the next 2 rounds missing Snetterton and Knockhil.

I came back for round 5 and gained 2 solid 10th places which is OK considering my wrist was still healing. I continued to gain some steady results throughout the year I Had a few more technical problems as well but all in all it wasn't a bad year considering I only finished 14 races out of a possible 24 I ended finishing 12th place in the championship.


2015 didn't start well for me after having technical problems the year before I deicide to sign for a different team this was a bad choice because just before the season was due to start myself and the team came to the mutual decision to part company for my own integrity I don't want to go into details of the reasons why but this left me without a seat for the season. So I made a call to my old team Gearlink and although they couldn't  have me in the main team they built a bike for me to run the season on, this bike wasn't the same spec as the main teams bikes and I had to run the bike myself but at least I could race, thankfully our close family friend Andrew Smith came on board as my mechanic and I got back out for round 3 we had a couple of problems with the bike to start off with so I didn't really get going till round 4 , I was already on the back foot missing 5 out of the first 6 races.

I gained my first Supersport podium at round 4 and continued throughout the year to pick up some very good results finishing only 18 of a possible 24 races I still managed to finish the season in 8th place overall.

Also, this year I was given an amazing opportunity to have a wild card at Moto GP in the Moto 3 class with my old team FPW Racing who I won the British 125 GP Championship with. Although the bike was competing against top factory team and the fact that I had never ridden a moto 3 bike before I did really well. It took me a couple of sessions to get into it and although I qualified dead last 36th place, it was amazing to be in the same paddock as my idols. Race day however was a whole different ball game it was pouring with rain and in morning warm up I found myself setting the 13th fastest lap (if only it had rained all weekend). It was very difficult on the race start being that far back from the lights but I gained 3 places of the start, the conditions was horrendous riders was coming of left right and centre I was unfortunately caught up in 3 different incidents where riders had fallen off and took me out with them but each time I was able to pick my bike up and re-join the race and although I finished in 18th place I had set the 11th fastest lap over all so if I had of been taken down those 3 times I would have finished well in the points.


2016 started of really good for me I had resigned for Gearlink back into the main team, testing had gone really well and I was really up for a shot at the title and I was hopeful that we had seen the back of all the technical problems we had been suffering from in the past, The weekend got of the a brilliant start I was in the top 3 in both practice sessions but in qualifying I started to have problems again and only managed to qualify down in 9th .

Saturday's sprint, myself and all the other racers had to deal with extreme conditions but we were all in the same boat so you just have to get on with it. The race started off dry and on lap 1 3 of the front runner crashed out and the safety car was deployed for a lap allowing the marshals to deal with the incident, as the race got back underway I found myself in 5th but it started to rain which caused the race to be red flagged.

After a short break to allow the teams time to change tyres the race got back under way   another 3 riders crashed out but I just tried to stay cool and by lap 2 I found myself leading the race and I was gutted when the red flag came out again. They did try one more time to restart the race but with conditions worsening and more riders crashing on the warm up lap myself included they cancelled the race.

Race 2 was a disaster for me, my bike troubles had returned with avengeance for some reason my bike wouldn't start the team worked like mad to sort it but just as they were going pull me out, they got the bike started, but I had to start from pit lane. I had a huge fight no my hands to make any kind of in roads but I dug deep and fought my way through 10 places on the first lap, by lap 4 I had got up to 13th a further 10 places and by lap 7 I had got up to 7th, but all my hard work was in vain as my bike give up on me and I had to retire.

This was the start of my very disappointing and frustrating year. I tried so hard to make things work but by round 5 and after so many problems me and Gearlink parted ways, leaving me yet again bike less. I did ride at Thruxton, at the last minuet a stock 1000 team offered me a ride, which was really good G&S race team was wonderful.

I completed the rest of the season with Team Apple yard I got some descent results and it was refreshing working with them, they were so welcoming and so easy to work with. I finish the year 11th overall after only finishing 17 out of a possible 24 races.


This year I have signed up with EHA Racing I will be competing in the Superstock 1000 Championship on their Aprilia machine, initial testing has gone really well so far, this is going to be a big year for me, there are a lot of big names I will be competing against but the team are 100% committed to me as I'm I to them and I can wait to get to the first round.


Of course, none of this would have been possible with the support of my family my mum and dad have been amazing and have sacrificed so much for me my dad helps with I the teams as my second mechanic and my mum takes care of all my PR (she does all my website, press releases and all my admin).

I have also had some financial support my main personal sponsor is SRS international he has been extremely loyal and been with me for the last 3 years. But my mum and dad are still my main financial support. I also get help from Swindon Karting where I learned my craft, also have another sponsor but he like to stay anonymous.

I also get support for all the kit dealers

one-x leathers

Daytona boots

HJC Helmets

151'S base layer

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After Luke's success in 2012 becoming the Monster Energy Motostar and Academy Cup Champion, he won the 600 superstock championship in 2013.

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